Friday, May 18, 2012

baby steps.

Activation week in a nutshell:

"Mom, I can't understand you. It sounds like "BZZP" "BEEP".

We're working hard to get Christian to articulate what he's hearing. Sometimes he says he hears "nothing", but then will say "I just don't understand those sounds". 

We had a big first couple of days turned on with his new ear. School, Tai Kwon Do, Soccer...and OH, did I mention Kindergarten ORIENTATION (more on that to follow). We lost the new CI once already on the soccer field (why doesn't it stay on as well as the first one does with wig tape?), but thanks to our coach found it in a flash. Christian didn't even notice it was gone....ugh.

Master RJ at our martial arts school showcased Christian's bravery and perseverance---can I tell you how much I LOVE this program. Honestly, every kid should be in martial arts. Christian's confidence, focus, and listening have improved SO MUCH. Not to mention it's a great place to practice listening in REALLY loud situations. 

So...this is where we are at:

Christian has isolated the /ah/ sound several times at home and at school. And yes, we are back to tracking the Ling sounds on the chart just like we did when he was 16 months old. We're taking baby steps into this whole process. 

Monday we're pulling out the big guns. I have to go to Target and stock up on Skittles for bribes.

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Sun Melody said...

Hello, I am writing from Portugal. Whenever I've been following the progress of the Christian and now turned bilateral! Show! It is also a dream of mine, but for now it is not reality, and perhaps very soon to give a brother to my ear also deployed since 2007. Taekwondo practiced all my life since I was 9 years. This sport has really changed my whole life ... was a blessing that slowly came into my heart, I learned a sense of integrity and trust in my abilities during my childhood and adolescence, I am now a black belt in taekwondo and even more, I could compete on equal footing nationally and later internationally Europe. A lot of courage to grow this newly activated heard.

Excuse my English, is really rusty.

kissing sound!