Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short

Today was my last Mother's Day with 2 Preschoolers. Here's the rundown. I was totally spoiled. The only thing that could've made it better was being with my own Momma today. 

I slept in. Until 8. The kids made me gorgeous cards, presented me with a new charm for my bracelet with "Bean" and "Buster" (their nicknames) engraved on each side. Can I tell you how much I love this tradition?!  Every year since becoming a Mommy, I received a charm. I love things in little blue boxes, and the fact that Chuck has been building me this gorgeous bracelet every totally melts my heart.

My hubby made me coffee, a great bowl of berries, and I relaxed.

Somehow the house became quiet, and I read on my iPad. With my feet up. And a cup of coffee. I swear it was total bliss. Chuck and the kids planned a trip to the country to pick strawberries. We laughed, we had sweet family time. It was a total blessing. I watched some crazy movie on Lifetime while the three of them went to HomeDepot. I drank a hot cup of tea in a quiet house. I'm now sitting outside after a grilled steak dinner with my beautiful family enjoying syrah. Seriously, I have to brag. I'm so blessed. I love these kids. I love this family. And as crazy and challenging as this life is, I wouldn't change a thing. 
My loot. Can't decide if the handwritten card with "Luv Christian"  or the Tiffany's charm  is my favorite....
This girl...we pulled out old clothes for strawberry picking and she rocked this terrifically tacky shirt at one of those terrifically tacky restaurants that I hate. Totally violated my rule of never eating at a place that gives crayons with your menu, but hey...we were in the country.

Strawberry patch love!

Such a helper. 

One good thing about terrifically tacky restaurants: They serve Margaritas with BEER in them.  

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