Friday, June 1, 2012

Knee Deep

Gonna put the world away for a minute
Pretend I don't live in it
Sunshine gonna wash my blues away
-Zac Brown Band

I think it's fair to say that we are knee deep in our new normal. We went from not really worrying about much, to sorta worrying, to hitting the ground running and keeping up with being bilateral.

It's been crazy. It's been exciting. It's been overwhelming. Everyday things now have an added layer (um, more equipment to lose on the soccer field for one) of just stress. My already tired boy works hard at home with me on top of all the added therapy at school. He's exhausted. 

I'm getting crabby, and my tolerance for ignorance is next to none. I pulled the "deaf card" at our pool the other day when a Mom I don't know was scolding Christian for bouncing a basketball in the baby pool area. My 5 year old deaf kid can't swim that well, was taking a break in the baby pool with his buddy who is 5 and can swim and was in there anyway. All I heard was this chick say "Do you hear me, don't bounce that in here" and I headed right over, started signing and told her matter-of-factly "This is Christian, he's deaf, he can't hear". Sure, we put an old processor in our aloksak and waterproofed him...BUT STILL! The next day, we were at our martial arts studio. We've been there for months, know most of the parents and the staff is amazing. A parent that I've never seen before came rushing by and knocked Christian's processor of his head. It was definitely an accident, and Christian just picked it up and put it back on. I was standing right there and just said "Oops, don't worry about it, it happens". She made a comment about his "thing on his head" and I just felt the tears well up. 

With all the downs, we certainly have had our ups too. I pulled out our dog-eared language discovery cards and worked on isolating them in a field of 6 and Christian did a great job identifying what I was saying! He's doing great with his Lings. It's one step at a time, even though I do feel like I am trudging through really thick mud at the moment we are making progress.

We needed a break from our "new normal" and headed to see the Zac Brown Band. It was great to let loose and listen to some fantastic music with great friends
Taking a much needed break from the "new normal" with great friends at Zac Brown Band! 

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dlefler said...

Ugh - some people can be so horrible. And then you're adjusting to the "new normal" at the same time! We've had people really stare at Nolan's g-tube, but they usually ignore his hearing aids because they're more common than CI's. The other day we were in the ped's office, though, and this lady was just staring and staring at his head. I haven't seen someone stare at him like that since... forever. I didn't say anything, but OMG - really, lady?

Anyway, I hope things settle down and that the eejits stay away from you! xoxo