Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Lazy Summer Morning

 Today is the LAST day of summer vacation. As I type this (it's 9am in the morning by the way) the kids are laying on the playroom floor watching Little Bill. After lunch we head over to Christian's NEW SCHOOL to meet his NEW Kindergarten teacher. Gulp. And after that I'm heading over to my girlfriend's house for wine. Yes, we'll probably be opening a bottle before 5pm and no I'm not ashamed.

I look at Christian these days and he just seems *OLDER*. He has a new look. It's a little mischievous mixed with sweet. His face has gotten longer, he's gotten taller, and he just carries himself like an older kid. At the same time, he's still my angel. He snuggles and cuddles and plants kisses on me just because. He's been a bit sensitive these past few days, and I'm thinking he's a got a little bit of anxiety mixed with a whole lot of excitement in anticipation of the change coming up.

I'm pretty sure that this entire Summer Lily has been exhausted. The child plays until she collapses. She no longer naps, swims for hours at end and has told me several times "I don't want to get bigger". As much as I ask her to be my big girl, she still really is my baby. Every morning I hear her little door creak open and she comes into my bed to cuddle. She is a little girl with BIG emotions and an even BIGGER heart.

It's been a great summer full of sandy toes from the beach and wet towels from the pool. As much as I'm ready for the routine of fall, I'm going to miss these lazy summer mornings.

Some of my favorite summer moments as captured by my iPhone!
Fun afternoons at our pool!

Raft Night with Friends!

4th of July with Uncle Dave!

Beating the heat in a bucket!

Christian lost 2 teeth this summer!

Ice Cream with Cousin Jeff in Michigan!

Lake Michigan Sunsets.

Sand Castles in Elk Rapids.

Floating down the river Up North!

Date Night Up North at Short's Brewery!

He makes me coffee now.

Minnows from the trap at The Bay!

She won't nap, but she will "Rest" in my bed with Sammy girl!

North Carolina Ocean Fun!

Cocktails with my babies in Morehead City.

Hot Tubbing with Cousins.

Pool Drinks with my girls

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