Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whatcha been up to?

Why does it feel like Fall goes by so fast? Life is fun...but crazed.

We've tried to jazz up our spread this year. Love the WWP Pink and Green.

This is what I do on Monday mornings. I lead an amazing group, have a beautiful co-leader, and feel so lucky to minister. No better way to start the week.

Officially a Green Belt

We hit Tai Kwon Do 2 times a week where my little man is rocking. He has a blast with his best buds Dylan and Jack and Lily is on baby duty watching everyone's little siblings. Yes, a 3.5 year old can be a babysitter!

Our drop-off and pick-up schedule is crazed with 2 kids in 2 different places. We have a great carpool on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Tuesdays are pretty much the only day that they are together in the morning. The morning time on the way to school is precious. They have little conversations and take care of each other. It is beyond sweet.

Saturday mornings are lacrosse. Chuck coaches, I usually stay home with Lily or head to the gym. Or host a leadership team meeting...or work. What happened to lazy Saturday mornings and brunch in Georgetown?

All work and carpool is no fun so we do find time to play with our dearest friends. I love how we all have the same taste...and the same stationer.

Not sure what I would do without these girls. We do clean up nice, don't we?

Sometimes God brings people into our lives for very special reasons.

Love having birthday celebrations with one of my besties.
Mondays are time with Miss W. at our old school. The work he accomplishes takes my breath away. She is just fantastic.

We spent the weekend with Aunt Ali and Uncle Bu for her baby shower we hosted. The kids keep asking when the baby is going to pop out.  Lily has named her Alexa. We'll see...

I'm trying so hard to just cherish these Preschool days with my Lily girl. The days go by too fast.

This is my carpool home from school. How can you not smile? They seriously make me belly laugh.

We celebrated Chuck's birthday with a delicious Key Lime Pie from our favorite bakery!

I thought this was hilarious...somehow my phone took this picture of me while I was on Wisconsin Ave. This is what I do. Everyday. All day. I'm either on my way to or from school, the gym, or errands. Or my mobile office at Panera. It's a pretty good snapshot of my life right now. At least now I know I looked pretty ticked off when I drive. I must've been in traffic. And now I'm worried my iPhone is dying. Oh well.

Leaf hunts with my baby girl on the way to get Christian. It got chilly for a day and we're back in shorts.

She loved this one.

He dresses himself each morning. This is is favorite outfit. Maryland pride lacrosse shorts and a skeleton shirt. Classic Christian.

Nana and Papa sent a carmel apple kit that was too cute for words. The box is now a coffin for Christian's bear. I also was told that Tigger is now a vampire.

We supported our school's art integration program by going to a PTA dinner at the diner. I had no idea you could get wine at a diner. It was pretty awesome.

Lily hasn't napped for a year and a half, but she will always pass out in the car. He grabbed her hand and they road into downtown DC like this. So sweet.

Playing football and tackling the big kids. He is so lucky that Chase didn't body slam him back.

Just strolling through Capitol Hill during a Saturday outing for our family friend's birthday.

Christian found the GREAT PUMPKIN downtown. He loved it.

October is the month of birthdays. Happy Birthday beautiful girls!

3 Moms, 10 kids, and margaritas. Great Saturday night with dearest of friends.

We hit up our Volunteer Fire House for their Open House. Jack and Christian have been obsessed with fire trucks since they were both 2 years old. They are still obsessed.

Christian is on day 2 of no school due to a nasty virus. He's watched about 20 hours of Cartoon Network. Poor kid...


dlefler said...

Fall goes by way too fast. It is so busy with all of the fall festivals, trick-or-treating, school activities, etc.

I wish we were still in shorts here! No snow yet, but we're definitely into the sweatshirt and jeans season!

Messy Mom said...

Hey! I found your blog through a search engine. My daughter is 2 1/2 and gets her first implant next Monday! I have been researching for the past several months, but I wanted to make some connections with real moms online. It's so cool to see how well your son is doing after 5 years. Looking at your blog roll it's like I have hit a gold mine of connections :). Thanks for the info. I update my blog regularly, but in case you do check it out I should warn you that all of my about me and links at the top of my page are pretty outdated, I need to work on that...