Thursday, February 28, 2013

Report Card.

Two Words: HE ROCKS.

Along with all "Ps" (we have a new grading system in our county) that denotes that he "Meets the grade-level standard by demonstrating proficiency of the content or processes for the Measurement Topic), Christian completely rocked out his reading.

That little dot notes where he is, and the black shaded area is where he is expected to be. So, the second marking period of Kindergarten, he is reading at the expected 1st Grade level.

This is my little boy, who happens to have bilateral cochlear implants, who is in a class with 22 other kids in a TYPICAL public school classroom with NO visual support, with NO FM system. He is the only kid with hearing loss in his grade and the only child with Cochlear Implants in a school with close to 500 kids.

This is my little boy, who also was in school since he was 18 months old, who was enrolled in an amazing program for 5 years that put him with typically hearing peers so he could LEARN language from them. This is my little boy who since age 2 has been advocating for himself, who gets tired faster than any other kid in his class because according to him "Listening is hard work, Mom".

This IS my little boy. He is TOTALLY rocking it.


dlefler said...

This is beyond awesome. It also speaks to the power of cochlear implants - he can hear in a classroom with no FM system... that blows my mind! Nolan is functionally deaf without his in a classroom (hears NOTHING from an instructor without it). Just amazing.

Rock on, Christian!

jenn said...

So awesome, Tina.


He is a superstar!!!

{so are YOU!}