Friday, April 5, 2013

THIS is how mainstreaming should work

I wanted to share a snippet of a response that I just wrote to our fantastic Teacher of the Deaf who sees Christian once a week. I think it gives a window into what we go through everyday here:

Thank you for this fantastic update. Chuck and I are SO appreciative of your detailed reports. I feel so disconnected sometimes (even though I do my best to get into the classroom frequently) and feel very lucky to have your eyes and ears there for us. Since Christian is our first, I often find myself wondering "Is this normal or is it a deaf thing" and have no idea half the time what to expect. The other half of the time, I'm winging it :) My Christian is an amazing little guy, and he no doubt has made incredible gains with his CIs, but I still worry for him and how he's progressing with his literacy. I have a feeling the moment it all clicks, I'll be able to breathe better.

He loves his time with you---yay! It sounds like he is doing great with his listening for you. I'm curious, during his listening of words when he got 6/9 was that just left only? Or both?

I would love your input on any communication I give to the school regarding his placement for next year. In addition to the sheet that will come home, I plan on writing to Mrs. L.  outlining Christian's strengths, and also noting some specific challenges. The placement with Mrs. R. was SPOT on, so I have a positive feeling about next year but just want to be sure. I know that a controlled yet innovative classroom really benefits him. He needs an organized teacher who runs a tight ship but is flexible and is really willing to work with him.  And Please please please tell me that you will be our provider again next year?
Again, thank you. It's hard to believe that we only have 2 more months of school. And it's hard to believe that in just over a week we'll be celebrating him going bilateral. It's still mind blowing to me.

Christian's in-class teacher and his service provider collaborate. The principal is involved and actually KNOWS my kid. He is thriving in our neighborhood school in a typical Kindergarten classroom. This is how mainstreaming a deaf kid should work. I really hope that we can keep this momentum going.

Aquarium fun over spring break. I love how he still looks little in this picture.


Sun Melody said...

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Unknown said...


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Unknown said...

I found your blog this morning and just wanted to send a brief "Thank You' message for sharing! My little boy, "Butters," is 15 months and was implanted this past February and is still wearing his left hearing aid. We are in the process of working to get his second CI later this summer. It's great to see and hear about the older kids to kind of get a glimpse as to what is possible! Your blog is wonderful, by the way and touches on so many emotions that I had when I first found out about my son's hearing loss.

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