Monday, May 27, 2013

5 years.

I no longer have little babies.  Christian is finishing up Kindergarten in 3 weeks and Lily is eagerly awaiting the start of Pre-K this Fall. As my dear friend Kim puts it, we're almost out of the weeds. Family trips are easier as they are older. The dynamic of our family life has changed. While it's become much more busy with lacrosse games, ballet recitals, and the constant hustle and bustle of life, the insanity of having babies and toddlers running the show has given way for a more controlled chaos. My college roommate just had her first baby and was asking me when the kids first sat up, how much food they ate and a bunch of other questions that quite honestly I couldn't remember. 

Life. It just moves. Really really fast. 

At least that part of our life.

And then there is our life as a family impacted by hearing loss. 5 years ago today Christian received his first Cochlear Implant. Over the past 5 years, we've had months that have flown by with progress and weeks that have stalled with set-backs. I may not be able to remember the month that my kids started sitting up but I can tell you the exact moment when Christian acquired the /sh/ sound. 

5 years later, my sweet and silly little boy is thriving in a mainstream classroom with typically hearing peers. He just finished up his first lacrosse season (with a championship win), loves Tae Kwon Do, is obsessed with sports, is reading books and is a great friend. He's responsible, loving, sensitive and hilarious. The icing on the cake is his second CI, which he received a year ago last week. His localization of sound, articulation and his academics have really benefited from that second ear. He's just doing great.

It's not the end of the road for us though. Weekly therapy appointments for his newly implanted ear, constant monitoring of his mainstream classroom experience still dominate our family life. But it's gotten easier. 5 years later, I'm not as scared. Just as he's gained confidence, I have too. My smart and sweet little boy continues to work hard, roll with the punches, and just defy the odds. 

Christian, I'm so proud of you. Every single day your amaze us. 


Her Preppiness said...

Love your blog! How's your friend @the pink tote bag

Kate said...

As we just begin our cochlear implant journey, it's SO encouraging to read of your son's accomplishments. What an amazing, adorable little man!

Katie @

Unknown said...

Just found your blog! My daughter Emma is also in K (it looks like you are in MoCo too!). She was implanted at 9 months and recieved her second implant at 5 years. Like your son,she has had an amazing Kindergarten year! I'd love for them to meet each other!

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Thank you everyone! Melissa, I would love for them to meet as well!

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