Monday, April 30, 2007

In the Club....

What a FABULOUS weekend! Christian was officially welcomed into the Catholic Faith. We had his Baptism on Saturday, and he slept through most of it. Our good friend from my CUA days baptized Christian, and it was just a wonderful experience for our entire family. My parents, brother (the Godfather), and future sister-in-law flew in from Detroit, and Chuck's sister, Jessica (the Godmother) flew in from Charlotte. Both Chuck and I were overwhelmed by the amount of love and support given to us by our family and friends. It is so comforting to know that Christian has SO many people who love and care about him!

Despite a couple of household disasters (our basement flooding the night before causing major water damage and requiring our carpet to be ripped up and our dining room table collapsing after the party), the day was fantastic. The girls helped me out so much...taking pictures, setting the food out, entertaining random family members...I really don't know what I would do without them. And major props go out to my rockstar Mom...when she wasn't taking care of the munchkin, she was cleaning or cooking something.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and we of course had a great bar set-up (just for the Dewey Crew). We went through ALL of our beer (4 cases and then some), and 18 bottles of wine. We still have about 10 bottles left. The boys ended up playing Cricket with our next door neighbors, which was more than a bit random. And it wouldn't be a Catholic Sacrament without Uncle Joe getting a little tipsy.

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