Monday, May 14, 2007

My first Mother's Day...

Even after waking up this morning at 5am with the monkey (he get's that from his Daddy, because EVERYONE knows that I am NOT a morning person!!), I am still glowing from my fabulous First Mother's Day! Both of the boys made it so special for me, and I will cherish the memories we made always!

The day started off with Christian hand delivering me lovely card that I am sure he picked out all by himself :) After I relaxed a little while Daddy took care of things, I was called into the kitchen. And found my little man in his baby Lazy-Boy with my gift! My boys got me a beautiful charm bracelet. It has two heart lockets, one with Christian's initials, and the other says "Mom". Christian is definitely learning that you can't go wrong with gifts that come in Little Blue Boxes! :) It is such a special gift...Chuck says that additional lockets can be added when Christian has a baby brother or sister.

After church, we packed up our picnic basket and headed to Great Falls. We had so much fun! While Christian napped, we had a yummy lunch that Chuck prepared. We walked the tow-path to the overlook, and enjoyed the lovely weather. Chuck and I have visisted Great Falls many times. When we first started dating, we used to hike the paths and enjoy the gorgeous trails and views. It was so amazing to be able to bring our son to a place that we love so much.

The weather was absolutely perfect. I felt horrible though as I didn't have a hat for Christian, so I really had to limit the amount of time that he was in the direct sun. We had his stroller that had a canopy on it, thank goodness!

It looks like this week the drama that we call our basement will FINALLY be repaired. We have our carpet being installed, and hopefully the plumbing will be fixed to! We'll be celebrating Aunt Natalie's graduation from law school this weekend, and Christian will be attending his first steeple chase on Sunday! I can't wait to get him in his little searsucker outfit!

We're getting so excited for our trip to Michigan. I've already started making our packing lists, and word on the street is that Nana has converted my old room into Christian's nursery! The boys will be heading to the Tigers game on Friday night. There is a very small chance that the Red Wings will be in the Stanley Cup finals when we go home as well...however, after the loss last night, it's not looking good.

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