Monday, June 4, 2007


We just spent Memorial Day weekend back in Detroit, and it was a weekend of MANY firsts:

*Christian had his first plane ride (also accompanied by his first airline delay), and did FANTASTIC. We sat in the VERY back of the plane, and he was such a trooper. He slept for most of the trips both out to Detroit and back home. He's such the little traveler now! I believe this was the first time I ever travelled as light as I did (even though my bag was still 6 pounds over the NWA weight limit). I only brought 4 pairs of shoes...and yes, that is NOTHING compared to what I usually travel with. I had to make the choice between my strappy silver sandals and frozen breastmilk...the breast milk won.

Traveling with a kid requires an insane amount of gear. Poor Chuck looked like a pack-mule. Between the car seat, stroller, and gi-normous diaper bag that I carry, he was seriously weighted down. Once we got to our gate, we claimed an area so we could sit and take turns going to get food. Christian was a bit fussy, so I strapped him in the carrier and went for a walk. I particularly enjoyed the sympathy looks we got from other parents/travelers when I was walking laps around the old terminal at DCA while Christian was screaming. By the way, that terminal is like Beirut. There is NOTHING there to eat, and the bathroom looks like something from a 3rd World Country. I caught myself telling my 4 month old to not touch was that bad.

*It was our first time as a family back to Detroit. The last time we were home was for Uncle John and Aunt Emilie's wedding, when I was just 4.5 months pregnant with little buddy. It was a very magical experience to be in my childhood home with my very own child. My old room became Christian's room, and my parents set it up so comfortably for the monkey. Taking him on walks in the neighborhood that I used to ride my sweet purple and pink 10 speed up to The Shindig Shoppe and Sweets and Treats (Em, remember those sundaes?) was very surreal. I can't wait to go back. We have a wedding in August, but I really want to go back sooner than that!

*Nick and Dad took Chuck to his first Detroit Tigers Game at Comerica Park. Even though they lost, they had a good time hanging out and drinking beers. My brother told me something interesting though...evidently, my Dad swears when he gets a couple of beers in him. For those of you who know Billy, he's the most mild-mannered, sweet and gentle guy. My brother and I joke and even call him Clark Griswald...he's goofy and loveable, and he always ends up doing something silly. I have NEVER heard him say something other than the "s" word jokingly. Well, ends up that Clark knows the F-bomb....and uses it well.

*Christian met many family members for the first-time, including his Great-Grandparents. I was so overwhelmed with joy when my grandmother and grandfather were able to hold my sweet boy. I know that they were too! Christian got a kick out of Papa Jim's moustache (most babies do), and his Yia Yia just cuddled him and loved him up. Uncle Ken and Aunt Lori also made the trip down from Saginaw to meet Christian. I was so excited when two of my most special friends (who are more like family) were able to meet Christian. Emilie and Kate visited, and finally met Christian. He has heard so much about Aunt Emilie and Aunt Kate. It was such a special day.

*On Memorial Day, we went out to Pat and Rosie's beautiful lake house in West Bloomfield and spent the afternoon on their boat and deck. It ended up being Christian's first boat ride. We all had a blast drinking Rosie's signature Margaritas and eatting way too much!

**I do have to congratulate Kate one more time on her graduation! We went out on Saturday night to celebrate her Masters Degree in style! Hubby Jeff arranged for a limo to take us all around town. It was a whirlwind of a night. We ended up at two bars owned by Red Wings and a place that gives you drumsticks, encourages you to dance on the tables, and has bartenders who mix drinks a la Tom Cruise in cocktail. I wish I could say it was my first time dancing on a table at the bar....but I can't (Can I get a LULU?) IT WAS A BLAST!

*We got a busy weekend planned, with the Weeda Margarita Madness party and Natalie's Engagement party on Saturday. Chuck is busy with lots of yardwork, and I'm working on getting a scrapbook club put together here in our neighborhood. Christian is working on getting his first tooth...we're in teething H-E-L-L right now! We're anxiously awaiting the birth of Jackson Gorrie...WHO WAS DUE TODAY, and keeping an eye on Aunt Therese. We'll be finalizing our North Carolina vacation plans this week...I CANNOT WAIT TO GET TO THE BEACH!

*xoxoxo* Have a great week!

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