Monday, May 21, 2007

All Prepped Out....

We had a jam-packed weekend full of celebrations and friends! What a blast!

Christian attended his first ever steeplechase on Sunday. We went to the Potomac Hunt and had such a good time. Brian and The Feldman Family hosted us this year. It was perfect Lily and Searsucker weather...I do have to say that we all were extremely prepped out. Judging by the number of popped collars and pink and green gear sported yesterday, our group of friends keeps Lily and Ralph Lauren in business! As always, Brian lived up to his motto of "Go Big or Go Home". Mint Julips, Dark and Stormy's, and Bellinis were flowing. We had fabulous food, and even more fabulous company. It was a WONDERFUL DAY!

We're busy getting ready for our trip to Michigan. I'm a bit concerned about Christian's first trip on a plane. My neighbor has leant me a very granola but very comfy sling for the monkey's first trip home. Supposedly, it's the key to baby's happiness on a plane. I'm more of a Baby Bjorn Mom, so this whole sling thing is a little new to me :) We'll see how he likes it! I have more baby travel tips that I'll posting this week, care of my good friends Polly and Lynn. Both are tried and true Moms, and they have some helpful insights that hopefully work for us!

I'm looking forward to things slowing down a bit so I can focus on getting my company up and running. I'll be launching my full-service event coordination firm towards the middle of this summer. From private functions to kid's birthday parties, it's my hope that I can cover a wide range of events. I'll keep you all posted.

*have a great week*

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