Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hey Daddy-O!

Even though Christian is almost 5 months, I still get a kick out of the fact that my Chuck is a Dad. Who would've ever have thought that the guy that I used to hang out with on the deck of The Starboard would also be the guy that I hang out with at Buy Buy Baby! It's such an amazing experience to see him with Christian. He is such a wonderful, sensitive, caring, sweet, and PATIENT father. In honor of Chuck's First Father's Day, I decided to put together a list of my favorite Chuck Daddyisms:

*The way he gets Christian ready for a bath at night is priceless. Seeing him carry our little boy naked into our bathroom singing "Here Comes The Naked Baby" melts my heart DAY AFTER DAY.

*Chuck takes Christian on an outside stroll everynight, and it's usually just around our backyard. I know it's their special quiet time together. I sometimes sneak a peak out the window to see them together...I'm telling you, it's the stuff that Hallmark Cards are made of!

*Chuck is such a hands-on Dad...he is usually the first one in the nursery in the morning to get the little monkey out of his crib. They sing and play together before Christian eats, and Chuck ALWAYS plays little games with him (my favorite is the "You've-Got-Your-Diaper-On-Your-Head" game). He is SO helpful, even when he is trying to run out the door to get to work.

*We have a mix on our iPod that had all of our favorite Dewey Beach songs on it. Christian loves to dance and hear music. Usually when he is with me, we listen to Jack Johnson and Barenaked Ladies. Christian was a bit fussy one day, and I was in the shower. While enjoying a shower long enough to deep-condition my hair (all the Moms will appreciate that, because you only usually get this "luxury" once a week), I hear this insane pounding bass coming from the living room. Chuck decided to play and dance with him and was searching the iPod for something and found out that Christian, true to his Detroit roots, is a 50 cent fan. I tried to be mad that our little guy was exposed to the F-Bomb at the tender age of 3 months or so, but I couldn't. Chuck was bouncing and "rapping". SERIOUSLY!

As a new Mom, I am so incredibly fortunate to have such a supportive and loving husband. He does more than his fair share, and ALWAYS puts his family first. He works like a dog so that I can stay at home with Christian, but he always has a smile and time for us. I had all these big plans for Father's Day. When the weather didn't cooperate, I asked Chuck what he wanted to do on his special day. He simply answered "I just want to be with my wife and son". WHAT A GUY!

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