Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thank God for Oxyclean!

Chuck and I had a family wedding this past Saturday at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Although the wedding was very kid friendly, we wanted to have our own adult time, and didn't feel like being on parent duty when and open-bar was offered. Auntie Natalie and Auntie Jaclyn came by to watch Christian and all in the all the evening was fantastic. Me, being the detailed event planner that I am, decided to leave color-coded index cards with tips on everything from "How to Use the Bottle Warmer" to "Night-Night Routines". Jac and Nat did a wonderful job, and both Chuck and I knew that the monkey was in good hands.

We called to check in at one point, and found out that our little poop monster decided to FINALLY GO POO (he's on the every-other-day plan!) and have a blow-out on his Aunt Jaclyn (who we call Ciocia, or "Chuchie"). After feeling mortified for about 3 seconds, I had a weird sense of joy, only a Mom could feel...knowing that your kid is no longer stopped up. Thank goodness Jaclyn, being the best friend that she is, took it all in stride and just laughed it off.

Now for more bathroom talk..., At this wedding, I was completely freaked out by the toilets in the bathroom. As I made my first pit-stop of the evening, I walked into the stall and saw a bucket of mulch and woodchips. My first thought was that a worker left them in the stall on accident. I then noticed that there was no tank, and that the toilet was basically a glorified hole in the ground. After reading the directions (seriously, directions on how to use the restroom), I learned that the toilet was a composting toilet. While I do consider myself enviornomentally aware, there is something about throwing mulch into a toilet that is just a bit strange.

We have a busy week planned, with playgroup dates, library storytimes, and hopefully more visits with Aunt Jess, Aunt Kathryn, Cousin Brynn, and Cousin Alyson. I have also started working very part-time doing event and meeting planning again, and am VERY happy to be using my skills once again. Erika's wedding is in just 2 weeks, and I am excited to help her and Natalie get ready for the big big day!

Have a great week!


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Natalie said...

Hmmm.... I think I've seen that look before in a photo - Christian's got his dad's classic picture look down perfect!