Monday, November 12, 2007

God's Love Letter...

This whole weekend has been just wonderful. We spent it together as a family, not stressing about test results, communication strategies, or the unknown. We just focused on eachother. We needed it. BOY, did we need it.

This weekend was Christian's first with his hearing aids, and he did fantastic. I couldn't be prouder of my little guy. Sure, he got curious every so often about the aids, but he kept them in. Chuck and touched them more than he did, as we were constantly investigating the "buzz". We learned that since his right ear has a higher setting on it (that's the ear that he is profoundly deaf in), it will have more feedback. Sure, it's going to be an adjustment. He has these special little tools, cases, clips, batteries, you name it....all to let him hear. And we're trying so hard to make sure that we put them in right. I did have one moment, when I looked at my sweet little man playing with his new Tonka truck and thought "He deserves better than this". And then he looked up at me, gave me the cutest 6 3/4 tooth smile he could, and I snapped out if. Yes, he deserves better. Yes, THIS SUCKS. However, we're dealing. We will continue to deal. And he will be great. We know it.

Today on our leisurely stop at our favorite bagel shop, I noticed two very nice looking young men walk in. One was really tall with curly hair. The other was of medium build, and I swear he looked Greek (which is part of the reason I think I remember them so vividly, b/c I always look at greek-types wondering if we're related). They were handsome, and they looked just like any other college-age kids...and then they started to sign to one another. I just about jumped out of my seat, grabbed a pen (because I knew my mediocre ASL would NOT help me out at this point) and wrote:

"Hi! My name is Tina. My son is deaf. What's the sign for Bagel?"

Ok. Stop. Look up at what I just wrote.

Forget the fact that I talked to complete strangers (b/c if you know me, you know that's not a big deal). And, yes, I needed to know the sign for bagel, because Christian was CHOMPING on one at our table. I referred to my kiddo as deaf for the first time...FOR REAL. And I WAS PROUD. I was proud to be able to use my crappy understanding of ASL to sign his name to them and to give him is age and to say Thank You. I was proud to sign "I'm his Mommy". But most of all, I was proud of Christian. Meeting those two guys is what my friend calls a Love Letter from God. It's hard to explain, but when you get one, you know it.

This week is going to be one for the record books. We have several doctors appointments, and LOTS of playdates with our friends for the neighborhood. Tomorrow night, I'm heading to Buy Buy Baby with a dear friend of mine to help her register for her shower. A Moms Night Out is in the works with the MOMs Club, and one of my good friends' birthdays is on Thursday. Most importantly, I'm heading to Pittsburgh for a bachelorette road trip for one of my best friends. It's going to be A CRAZY BUSY WEEK!



jodi said...

I think we receive "love letters from God" all the time, it's just that certain situations make us more sensitive to receiving them. This post was very touching, I'm feelin' the love! Keep writing, Tina, your perspective is so open-minded and passionate, which is not easy for a new parent...Christian is a very lucky boy! I'm learning a lot, too! Jodi

Jennifer said...

I rarely ever cry over anyone else's blog posts, but this one got me...on several levels :) I know you're proud of your son every single day, but being able to be proud that he's deaf is a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Your child is still an incredible child...with or without hearing...and his deafness makes him unique and special...something to be proud of, indeed! :) I wish I could be there to see you teaching him "bagel"...I love signing babies :)
And as far as him deserving better: I think he's got it pretty good :). He's got you, after all, in his corner...he's a lucky little man! :)

Mom to Toes said...

Jennifer said: I think he's got it pretty good :). He's got you, after all, in his corner...he's a lucky little man!

I couldn't have said it better.

Beautiful post!

Yummmmm...... bagels. :)