Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My neighbors must think I'm crazy...

So, we play A LOT of music in my house. I always seem to have the iPod on, playing one of my million playlists that Chuck absolutely hates (so what if I have an entire playlist devoted to Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson...DEAL!) I always try to see the positive in Christian's hearing loss, and one of the obvious positives is that I can rock out during his naps.

I usually keep my "rocking out" under control at a more conservative,suburban Mommy level most days. Well, for whatever reason, I reverted back to 5th grade yesterday. You know, back when all young girls would put on "dance shows" in the living room to various tapes on their Fisher-Price brown and tan taperecorder forcing their little brother's to be their back-up dancers and their parents to be their "agents" (my cats were my audience). My music of choice back then was Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, and Madonna. Well, yesterday, I was rocking out to my playlist appropriately called "Tina's Dance Maniac Mix". Justin, Britney, Timbaland, and of course Madonna (she's classic) are all on my mix.

It's been hard to exercise lately, so I decided I would make the most of the time I had, and start dancing. While doing my signature "Drop down to the ground and look sexy-move" that probably really was sexy 9 years ago at Lulu's when I was 20 years old, my neighbor shows up at my door. I have windows looking into my living room on my front door. As I whip my hair around in a very Dallas-Cowboy Cheerleader sorta-way, I see her laughing in my window.


Luckily, we're good friends. And luckily, I have some dirt on her. Here's to hoping that my little routine isn't the talk of the next MOMs Club meeting.


Jenn said...

Omg! I used to have that tape recorder!!! My aunt gave it to me before she left for Australia so we could record taped messages to each other!

Rock it out sister friend. I dance in my living room too. :) It relieves stress.

Karen said...

LOL, too funny!