Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Hard To Believe...

I had to go into the city today for a client meeting. Ironically, their office is located directly across from my old job. Chuck and I carpooled together, just like we used to when we both were working. Even though we hated the commute, we always used to love the time together in the car. We'd listen to the radio, stop for bagels, and of course Starbucks.

Today, Chuck and I were laughing about our commutes together, and I started thinking back. It's hard to believe that an entire year has passed since I left my job for maternity leave (which ended up turning into a permenant leave). In fact, I worked right up to my due date-January 26th. Christian wasn't ready to come out, but I was ready to kick back and be at home. I loved my job. I loved my collegues. They were all so supportive of both my personal and professional endeavors.

I was so lucky to work in a place where I could call my collegues my friends. I was a Director of a department, and absolutely had the best team any Meeting Planner could ever ask for. My team was creative, forward thinking, and they also were my friends. I miss my girls...I miss how we worked together SO well. I miss our Starbucks runs, our team meetings where we would start to brainstorm and all of the sudden we had some major creative things going on. I miss our inside jokes, our quote walls, I even miss the hard times, when an irrate member would call and I would be on the phone for 46 minutes with them (ok not really). I miss being onsite, with walkie-talkie in hand, blisters on my feet, but knowing that I was responsible for managing and producing a successful show.

With all that being said, I couldn't imagine leaving Christian everyday. He needs me now more than ever. It has been very hard putting my career on hold. I worked so hard to get to where I was. I am working part-time from home, but I do miss going into an office and having an intellectually stimulating conversation. I miss sitting around our lunch table talking politics.

Things have changed, and I know that they aren't permanent. I see my job now as Christian's teacher. And in all honesty, being able to see my little man accomoplish so many great things day in and day out is far cooler than negotiating convention center contracts.


Abbie said...

Since I was a child that greatly benefited from having a stay at home mom growing up, I think it is a great opportunity to mold and cater to your child as he is growing up :)

Karen said...

I went back to work when my oldest was 4 months old and I quit two months later. I've been working part time here and there since then. My sanity saver was being able to connect with other moms at home and I kept some activities just for me.
You're at the beginning of the journey, but I gotta tell you to hang on to these years because before you know it, you'll be discussing college admissions. And then Jodi and I will be telling you, "Well, why didn't you listen to us? " :)