Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Steps

I know. Everyone has warned me to be careful for what I wish for. My monkey is SO heavy, that carrying him and holding him these days for long periods of time has become burdensome and quite a pain. So, yes...I have been wishing and praying for him to walk.

He decided yesterday was the day, and now takes 4 or 5 steps to his Mommy or Daddy. I'll work on getting a video up soon.

As a family, we're also taking our first steps today on a different sort of journey. We're visiting The Johns Hopkins Listening Center and meeting about Christian's cochlear implant candidacy. I'm not sure what to expect, but we're hoping that we'll have some answers on what road we're going to be taking next. I'm nervous and anxious. So, we'll see how it goes.


leahlefler said...

Wow- walking! When Matthew started walking, it was sort of bittersweet (awesome that he was walking, of course, but a definite end to infancy).

Good luck at Johns Hopkins! My thoughts are with you!

Mom to Toes said...

Go Christian!

I'm looking forward to the video.

Good luck at JH.

Anonymous said...

Hi I have a Deaf son. He will be 29years old this July. I wish I would of had the internet to find answers to so many questions I had long ago. He uses ASL to communicate in his dailly life. He is very happy with a wonderful job and now has a 4 month old son. Yes, my first grandson. He is already teaching him ASL. My son changed my life. I hope your beautiful Christian makes you as happy as my son has made me.

Anonymous said...

If Christian can not get a cochear implant. He will still be ok. Mom of 29 yr old deaf son. with the same hearing loss as your son.

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Go Christian and good luck to you with a walker! Be cool for your visit, don't be afraid to ask questions, take a mega-list...I actually have a request...could you ask if they have the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle Brochure available for you in the office?...just curious. Thanks, Jodi

Abbie said...

Ut oh! someone got his roller skates on now :)