Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mint Julips, Seersucker, and CIs...a perfect combo

I usually always celebrate Derby Day in style with my mint julip in hand, wearing my Lilly, and celebrating with my friends at our local steeple chase. This year, I had to leave my madras and seersucker at home, as I was attending a convention for my women's group. It was a wonderful experience, but I definitely missed the Mint Julips.

My good friend Kate gave me a heads up on something that I thought was pretty interesting about today's Derby.

Check out this cool link from NBC news about the winning jockey' s son. You'll learn in the video that the winning jockey's son has bilateral CIs. Let's keep this amazing family in our prayers....

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Abbie said...

Isn't that the coolest thing about that jockey's son?! It really will raise awareness on CI's.