Monday, June 23, 2008

Sometimes, you just need to hear it from other people.

This past weekend, I was so glad to have my best friend from home fly in and spend the weekend with us. it was so nice to spend time with her and to be able to actually talk in person and not over the phone!

I was so excited for her to see how well Christian was doing with his implant. Christian decided to completely show off, and started saying some new words this weekend just for his Aunt Kate, like "Hot Dog". Kate was so proud of him, and definitely couldn't believe how wonderful he was doing.

We also attended one of my dearest and closest friend's little boy's 1st Birthday party. Over the years, we've become close with her extended family, and they all have followed along our journey with Christian. Everyone at the party was just so happy to see Christian chit-chatting and talking to EVERYONE. He was helping his buddy with his presents, turning to his name, clapping when people clapped behind him, and again, showing off.

While we know that Christian is doing well, it just is nice to hear other people notice it too. I'm glad I have a little show-off!


Laurie said...

That is wonderful. It is nice to have confirmation from others that you are doing the right thing for Christian! Aren't friends great? :)

Jax said...


Val said...

HE sounds like Gage, always been a show off! STill is, he's most comfortable standing in large crowds maintaining everyone's full attention. I used to be able to smile and say hi to someone and leave it at we have full conversations w/even the strangest of, I mean strangers *grin*