Saturday, August 23, 2008


There's something about my parents that just turns Christian into a little parrot. Every time that we are around them, the kid picks up a bunch of new words. I always said that in my family, you couldn't get a word in edgewise. We are a bunch of talkers. If my Mom wasn't singing to him or telling him a silly story, Uncle Nick and Aunt Sarah were playing games and being silly with him. I think it's safe to say that he definitely got ALOT of auditory input on this trip! Before I get into my re-cap of our amazing vacation with my family in Dewey Beach, I have to brag and post the 6 new words Christian learned this week and is using consistently and in perfect context. Go BABY!

The Beach (Pronounced by the monkey as "Da Bee").
By day 3 of the vacation, we'd ask him where he would want to go, and he would respond Da Bee. We asked him where the waves were, and we got Da Bee. He would point to the dunes and say Da Bee. I love my little beach bum.

Moon (pronounced Mooom)
Mister Personality decided to wake up at 5am SEVERAL days on vacation. Chuck would wake up to a little boy staring out of the crib screaming for Daddy, while the rest of the house was still asleep. On their early morning walks, Christian saw the moon in the daybreak sky, and constantly looks for it and asks for it now.

Spoon (pronounced Poom)
Let's just say he ate ALOT of ice cream on this trip.

Na Na (pronounced just right)
My Mom's dream come true...she finally heard her name this week.

Nick (pronounced Nih)
Christian LOVES his Uncle Nick, who was a constant source of amusement on the beach and in the house. AND CHECK OUT THAT AMAZING "N" sound AGAIN! WAHOO!

Sarah (pronounced Rah Rah)
His Aunt Sarah is the one who spoils him rotten.

Sammy (AMMEE)
I guess his stand-off with our siamese is over. The moment we walked in the door today, he pointed, laughed and said "Hi AMMEE". If only we can get that S sound.


Val said...

Know how Brook says "beach"?
Be-otch!! I laughed so hard, I started to call her Snoop Dogg.

leahlefler said...

Holy cow, he's picking up words so fast! And a two-word phrase, too (the beach)! ANd why do they always wake up so early on vacation? At least he learned a new word, lol!

The Multi-talented and Menially Employed, J.D. said...

Welcome home! I LOVE the language explosion!!