Friday, September 19, 2008


One fantastic little benefit we have at Christian's new school is we receive detailed reports every week of his progress (we are actually developing his IEP over these next two weeks). We knew that this report would list his targets and activities, and perhaps include some notes on his progress. Well, I am BEYOND impressed with the amount of detail that is included in his reports. Everyday we we have extensive notes on his pragmatic behaviors, auditory skills, language comprehension and use, speech production, cognitive and play skills, motor and sensory skills, and phonological awareness and literacy skills.


Both his SLP and his educator compile the information which has so many rich details. Obviously I love the language comprehension and use section, but I also really am happy that his speech production is being tracked so closely. It was noted that he put the final /m/ on "Boom" and is very close to being consistent using the final /p/ on "Pop". GOTTA LOVE THAT FINAL CONSONANT PRODUCTION!

Needless to say, just another reason why I am thrilled that Christian is at this school


leahlefler said...

Awesome progress! Having reports every week is wonderful!! Final consonants are a big thing in speech development (my hearing almost-3 year old still deletes almost all final consonants). Nolan seems to be ahead of his brother in the speech department (thank goodness)- we got a "doggie" today. Not "oggie" or "dah-ie," but a full blown doggie. Early intervention makes such a difference.

Val said...

wow, I can't believe you get that much info out of them! That's great, no wonder you worked so hard to get him in that school.