Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Vocab Is So FUN!

We're working on our fall vocabulary. We've got pumpkins, acorns, apples, leaves, Halloween decorations, not to mention all the farm and cider mill words that we've been working on for some time. Everything (as always) is a language opportunity in our house, and we've been playing in the leaves outside, talking all about their texture, their color (well, lack there of...peak color doesn't hit us in DC until about Halloween), and even playing with our little pumpkins and gourds. It's been so much fun, especially now that the weather is cooler. Fall is my favorite season, and I love showing and teaching Christian all these new things. He's mastered pumpkin (UMPKEH), and says Trick-or-Treat (Treh OOOO TREE).

Leah has this AMAZING recipe and activity on her blog today for Mini-Candied Apples...what a great way language opportunity and a FUN activity. Not to mention, at 6 months pregnant, I will never turn down sweets!


Val said...

Look at you, I should just get you to do the lesson we gonna do on Halloween at L2H ! Very nice, I just love watching all the "new" mommies develop the love of learning language. Fabulous

tammy said...

He's going to have so much fun at "Treh OOOO Tree". Love it! I am so looking forward to having four seasons again. I can't wait to see the trees and all their beautiful fall colors.

leahlefler said...

I just hope you don't have a glucose tolerance test around the time you make any candied apples, lol!

Fall is (almost) the BEST time of year. I love the weather, the leaves, cute costumes! Nothing stacks up to Christmas, but the fall season comes close!