Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh how I have changed...but not really...

As part of my birthday extravaganza (which today is the actual day that I turn 30), last night, one of my besties took me to see Rusted Root, which is by far, my most favorite, most treasured, and most special band. This is a band that I've listened to since early high-school. I had their music on MIX-TAPES for goodness sake. I travelled all around the Mid-West and East Coast going to their amazing live shows over the past 15 years.

Back in the day when I wasn't the well-coifed, high-lighted and bronzed preppy girl that I am, I used to wear my hair all messy, with hair wraps, shells, and hemp in it. I would wear patcholi and spin with my flowy hippy skirts to their tribal drum beats with my girlfriends and friends that I made at all the different shows I would travel to. I wasn't a total granola, but I had my moments. Fortunately, my college roommate, Ali, had a bit of an intervention with me when I got to DC, and told me I needed to:
1. Start wearing a bra,
2. Find a different perfume, and
3. Look a little bit more "East Coast".

So, I ditched my handmade cords with flower patches for some Banana Republic Martin Fit pants, started wearing Chanel perfume, highlighted my hair, and invested in a really great push-up bra.

Despite my transformation, my love for Rusted Root never waivered. Rusted Root's music was Christian's lullabye music. It was the only band that would soothe him (looking back, this was before his hearing loss was diagnosed, and we know he was feeling the rhythmic beat of the bongos in their songs). I would rock and sway to "Cat Turned Blue" in my living room and he would instantly calm down. Now with his CI, Christian bounces and jumps to the music and dances with me, laughing and dancing. I love being able to share their music with him, and I now I KNOW he can hear it.

So, even though I have turned 30 (and totally think that is weird), not much has changed since I was 15. I still have my favorite band, who plays my most favorite music, that I can share with my favorite people.

*check out pics and a little update from Natty here

*Happy Birthday to my Joint-Birthday Buddy, Drew's Mom!


The Multi-talented and Menially Employed, J.D. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so glad we got to share another concert experience! And I am VERY glad that you've taken to wearing bras!

Love you!

Amy said...

What? No pics of hippie Tina? Happy Birthday!!!

Karen Putz said...

Happy Birthday! enjoy!