Wednesday, October 15, 2008

l.o.v.e. will keep us together

I married the strong, silent type.

It's no joke that this certainly hasn't been the easiest year of marriage. We kicked off our wedding anniversary last year with the official diagnosis of Christian's hearing loss. Since that moment last October, our marriage transformed. We went from having not a care in the world, to having the weight of the world on our shoulders. Our young marriage has experienced things that most marriages never see. We laughed. We cried. I yelled. And I screamed. And took out so many emotions on him. People told us that "this is God's way of bringing us closer as a family". I laughed in their faces, and invited them over to my house while we were going over medical bills and therapy decisions. Despite it all, the guy I married, has stood his ground. He's supported our family in no way any other could. Always the logical one, he kept us in line while my emotions kept us occupied.

When we were dating, I imagined what it would be like to be married to him. I knew he would take care of me. I knew he would be a great father. I knew that he would provide. What I didn't know was that when our marriage would be tested, like the way it has been this past year, he would do everything he could to make sure it didn't break.

On my 3rd Wedding Anniversary, I'm grateful for having married the strong, silent type. I love you, Chuck.


lbre969903 said...

This is so sweet. I love to here about successful marriages even when they face hard times. Congrats on your anniversary!!!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

yet another tear-jerker of a post...I married the strong, silent type, too. And, he puts up with my shit, as well. lol, Jodi
PS. l.o.v.e the title