Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Programs

Chuck took Christian to his MAPping appointment this past Friday and we got 3 new programs!

P1-Regular everyday listening
P2-Noisey environments
P3-Focused listening in therapy and for music appreciation

I sent Chuck to Hopkins armed with several questions for audiologist. Most importantly, I really wanted her to know the challenges that we've been having with /s/ and /sh/. Christian definitely turns and responds to /sh/, but seems to have problems with /s/.

Ends up, our little guy is hearing at 20db almost across the board! Can I just tell you how AMAZING THAT IS? Our audi pumped up the high-frequencies in hopes to give him more access to /s/ and /sh/. Let's just say we've been talking alot about SlipperySnakes Slithering Slowly....

Christian has been a little chatterbox. We're really working on connecting language with 2 or more words. He's a champ at labeling things with one word, and he does have his expressive phrases like "Where Is___" , "All Done", "Let's Go", and "Where Did it Go?". We're really trying to work on him expressing his wants with 2 words, like "Want Juice" instead of just pointing to his sippy and saying "Juice". I have to say, it's very challenging and frustrating, as he gets easily frustrated with me pushing him constantly. I'm just hoping that with all of his other language milestones that one day it just "clicks". In the meantime, I'm the bad cop withholding his various toys, snacks, or books until he tells me with 2 words that he WANTS that item.


Melanie said...

Amazing. I can't believe he was only activated last April! What's your secret? :) Good job, Christian!

Laurie said...

Wow! He is doing great! Keep up the auditory therapy at home and he will make progress by leaps and bounds!

I always say that kids are like sponges. . . they absorb EVERYTHING around them.

20 db across the board, too! Great! I know you must be thrilled!