Wednesday, October 8, 2008 can't go back there...

So, today was our morning full of errands. After Christian's EI appointment today with the Divine Miss M , we headed out to go pick up print cartridges, groceries, drop-off library books, and pick-up Chuck's Birthday Cake.

We went to the Social Safeway (no, not the one in Georgetown) here in our town, where I usually run into at least 3 of my neighbors. As we pulled in, a HUGE truck FULL of pumpkins was being off-loaded. Now, where I come from, you actually go to the pumpkin patch, have your Dad bring a pocket knife, and you actually cut your pumpkin off the vine. You have cider and donuts, maybe pick some apples, and take a hayride. I still haven't found the perfect patch here in the DC area, so we go to this commercial orchard about 15 minutes from our house for all of our pumpkins.

Anyway, while this truck was being off-loaded, Christian was going nuts.


His sweet little voice was echoing throughout the entire lot. So, I did what any other Mom utlizing auditory/verbal therapy would do...I snuck him into the back of the store to watch the entire process.

We hung out for a good 10 minutes before a very nice, but very annoyed Safeway employee told me I couldn't bring my "baby" (yeah, what baby weighs 34 pounds and wears size 7.5 shoes?) into the receiving area of the store for safety reasons. This whole time, Christian was just in heaven. He was so excited. We talked about the trucks, the men with the hats, the pumpkins, the leaves on the pumpkins.

We then went on to grocery shop, which is always a good language opportunity, but not as good as watching thousands of pumpkins come off a truck.


leahlefler said...

You rock! What a great language opportunity. Our local Home Depot just had a TON of firetrucks in the parking lot for kids to climb on. I wish I had had my camera, because we got Nolan into the driver's seat, we made the lights flash, we talked about the ladders and hats and coats and... well, you get the picture! When you see an opportunity, you gotta snag it!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

Oh, this post killed me, I can totally imagine the scene...loved this- when you enter Christian's world, it just becomes you and him and you SO don't give a shit what other people say or think...this is a powerful concept...think about that. Jodi