Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My little guy has done it! Today, for the 1st time EVER, he not only detected all 6 long sounds, but TOTALLY PRODUCED ALL 6 as well. We have had no problem detecting and producing /a/, /e/, /oo/, and /mm/, but the /sh/ and /s/ are completely inconsistent. When our wonderful EI teacher was here this morning, Christian detected and produced ALL 6. His /s/ and /sh/ were a bit weak and soft, but I AM STILL SO PROUD OF HIM!



Sandra said...

Good for him; that is a major milestone.

I just love reading your blog and reading about all those first milestones shortly after being implant. I have been there and I know how excited I got every time my girl reached a major milestone.

MB said...


leahlefler said...

Go, Christian! Yay for that /s/ sound!

Dustin, Heather and Gavin said...

You gotta Love the Ling Sounds. Gavin Before his implant could say only mmm, ahh, ooo, and could detect the eee! But never say it! Now with his implant He says eee! Blows air for shhh! and for sss! Pretty amazing this technology the implant isn't it great!!! I'm proud too say Gavin Hears all the Ling sounds and I have no Doubt He Will soon say them all to!
You guys are doing Great!!

tammy said...

He is amazing! This had to totally make your day! Cheers to Christian!

Dr.Rutledge said...

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