Tuesday, November 11, 2008

IEP Update

I guess if I had to describe the process at Christian's school in two words, they would be BLOWN AWAY.

After hearing the horror stories that other parents have shared, I was ready for the worst. But Christian's school and his teachers made our first IEP meeting easy, and actually enjoyable.

We met with his two classroom teachers (his educator and his SLP that is in the classroom with him full-time), as well as the Director of Speech and Language services at the school. They armed us with information prior to the meeting, including a whole narrative on his progress and a speech and language profile. They reviewed his PLS-4 testing results with us, which showed he was at and above his peer (hearing peers mind you!) level, along with their observations, and recommendations. Every single thing about this school amazes me. And I can't wait to see how Christian continues to progress and grow there!


tammy said...

Way to go Christian! From all of your hard work, stories, and videos this doesn't surprise me! Way to go mom and dad too!

Jax said...

I am not surprised at Christian's progress, but please don't downplay your important role in his life. I know his teachers and school are amazing, but your incredible ability to step up and nurture Christian, as well as educate him at home, is also part of his success. ;-)