Sunday, February 8, 2009

Life Changes and Diaper Changes

Our first week home with Lily has been an absolutely wonderful, sleep deprived, and blessed time. My Mom has been with us since the weekend before she was born, and took care of all 4 of us. She took the burden of house cleaning, meal preparation, and even entertaining a spunky toddler off our shoulders so we could focus on getting to know our sweet little girl. So, when she left on Saturday, I was a mess. Thankfully, Chuck has decided to take the week off to help me out, as I still can't lift Christian in and out of his crib or high-chair, and technically, I'm not supposed drive until next week.

Adjusting to life with two children (IT STILL SOUNDS CRAZY!) has been a bit challenging, especially since my WHOLE world has revolved around Christian for the past two years. I was so worried about how we would fit in special time for him, and magically, I've still been able carve out time for him. All the new activity in our house, like changing Lily's diapers and nursing her has been a great language opportunity for Christian. I'm not sure how it's all going to work once I truly have no help in the house, but I know we'll figure something out.

We've had a steady stream of good friends and family visit us this past week, with lots of presents for both baby sister and big brother. We've been constantly reminded of just how much we are loved, and how much support we really have.


tammy said...

Whenever it calms down for you, Aiden & I would LOVE to come see you all! I'm dying to hold that baby girl and see Christian as a big brother! Melts my heart! and I'll bring lunch ... PROMISE! *smile*

Val said...

LOVE her!! and him too, that little outfit is so adorable...and shopping for girl's clothes is much more fun!!!

mbishopp said...

wow, she is beautiful! congrats to you all.
there are challenging moments ahead like nursing and potty training at the same time. :) most of the time i just end up laughing or crying when i just don't have enough hands to hold a baby and wipe a bum. you will adjust and life will be great again. for now just take one day at a time.

leah said...

It is so hard when family leaves! Things get a lot easier as the little one gets a little older- I even go grocery shopping with both on my own now! Haha.

I'm sending some electronic *nap-at-the-same-time* vibes.

Val said...

oh, and could borrow your mom for a week?