Monday, July 20, 2009

Um, hello language explosion!

Conversation that was had with a neighbor today (WORD FOR WORD!)

Neighbor: Hi Christian, how are you today?

Christian: I went to camp today and played baseball!

Neighbor: Wow, that sounds fun!

Christian: It was fun. I go back tomorrow and play more baseball. I get to eat lunch AND PLAY BASEBALL!

Neighbor: That's my kinda day

Christian: too. Baseball is my kinda day. I like to catch. I like to play baseball. I go to Michigan this weekend and see Nana and Papa!

Mommy: (Speechless, after witnessing my 2.5 year old PROFOUNDLY DEAF SON carry on a conversation like this).

I should note that this took place about 15 paces from one of our "Caution Deaf Child" signs on our street.


Jennifer said...

The child is talking in PARAGRAPHS! know, that's pretty impressive for ANY kid his age. I love hearing stories like this!!!

Val said...

Love it! I give it another year and you'll actually say "Christian, let mommy talk for a minute, you've had your turn!"

leah said...

Wow- now that is TALKING! Watch out when he hits three- there might be another big explosion, only this one will include the word why. Actually, every sentence will have the word "why" somehow imbedded in it!

He can definitely carry on a conversation!

tammy said...

I was thinking the same thing as Jennifer! I remember how impressed we were with Ryan at Christian's age doing the same thing ... but he was a hearing child. I can only hope and pray that Aiden is doing the same at two years old.

Mom to Toes said...


I'd be impressed with any 2.5 year old that could hold that kind of convo. WTG, Christian!!!

He is an amazing kid, Tina. He must blow you away every day. I love reading about his progress. He's a superstar!

Bridgette said...

So sweet! And impressive.

Bridgette said...

So sweet! And impressive.

PinkLAM said...

That's amazing! I have a 4 year old hearing (we think...) cousin and he doesn't say nearly that much! What a cutie!