Monday, July 20, 2009

New Week, New Camp

Today is Christian's first day of Camp here in our neighborhood. A neighbor runs a wonderful little preschool out of her home and also does several camp weeks during the summer. She's such a sweet lady, and she has a bit of a window into our world of constant therapy appointments as she has an absolutely adorable daughter with Downs Syndrome.

I'm very glad that Christian will have an opportunity to have this camp experience. While I know he had a blast at the Gallaudet camp he did the last two weeks, he still was doing Ling checks in the morning, and the SLPs were working on some articulation issues. This week, he just gets to be a little boy, playing with other typically hearing kids. I'm so thankful for the miracle of the Cochlear Implant. His CI makes experiences like this not only more accessible, but definitely a bit easier for him as well.

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leah said...

How fun! I always wished I was one of those super-ambitious moms!

How is Christian doing post adenoidectomy? I hope he's fully recovered!!