Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Despite the absolutely awful weather, the 2009 National Capitol Area Walk4Hearing was an absolute success! I was so proud to be Team Captain of the #1 team! Thank you to EVERYONE who generously donated towards our Walk4Hearing team! We raised over $8,200 dollars!

I was so touched to see the teachers, administrators, and parents brave the Nor'Easter to support our wonderful school and the HLAA. And, I am beyond grateful that one of my dearest and closest friends, Christian and Lily's Aunt Ali, traveled down to DC and walked with us. Chuck was out of town, and it meant to so much to me to have her walk beside me and support Christian.


Bright Family said...

What a success! Way to go!

Too bad it was so icky outside...

Jax said...

That's great!