Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Only Fitting

2 years ago today, we heard the words that forever changed our lives.

When we were told Christian was deaf, we had no idea where our journey would take us. I would close my eyes and cry for what seemed like days. I would fear a silent world with my little boy who despite his hearing loss, seemed to always have so much to say. I worried that he would never hear me whisper "I Love You", and selfishly, worried I would never hear him tell me that he LOVED ME.

And now, here we are. Two years later, Christian is our family's chatterbox. A social, sweet, and silly little boy who speaks and listens beautifully. My fears of a silent world seem unreal now, as he is always asking me "Read to me, Mommy", and then he'll take the book and tell me the entire story. His sweet voice fills our home with nursery rhymes, songs by The Wiggles, and the occasional verse from Lady Gaga. He laughs, he plays, and teaches his baby sister how to count to 10. My fears of a lonely world for my beautiful boy seem silly now, as he is constantly surrounded by playmates who enjoy playing "Spiderman", collecting Monster Trucks, and soccer. His friends care for him, yet treat him just like any other kid in the neighborhood. They all think that his "Magic Ears are cool".

I still have fears, I still have worries, and sometimes, I still do cry. This journey is full of hope, love, and new adventures everyday. It's only fitting that on our 2 year mark of learning of Christian's deafness that we'll be participating in the Walk4Hearing, raising funds and awareness for hearing loss.


leah said...

Good luck on your walk! It is absolutely astounding how much these little guys chatter- and how we never forget what a blessing it is!

Laurie said...

Christian will be fine...I promise! And you and your family will be, too!