Monday, November 23, 2009

Like Clockwork

It wouldn't be the holidays without some sort of drama with Christian's CI. Last night while at his grandparent's house, his CI was turning off for no reason. His Gram and Poppa have become quite the troubleshooters with his equipment, and when Chuck and I got the call (we were out running errands with Lily) that they were having some trouble with it, we knew it couldn't be good. They reported that they turned the system on and off again, took the battery out, and then even dismantled all 4 pieces, and it still was acting funny.

When we arrived, I tried everything, and it still wasn't turning on. I finally ran out to the car and got our "emergency kit", which includes a battery cage and a wheel of disposable batteries (we use rechargeables). That seemed to do the trick, but I'm still not convinced that the rechargeable battery is the culprit. I know better than that now, and usually when Christian has these intermittent failures, it's because of the controller or some other connection. So, Christian is wearing his back-up today and his in-school audiologist who was previously employed by Cochlear is going to take a look at it. I'm hoping that she can help us figure out what the issue is AND help us expedite a new part from the company.


The Multi-talented and Menially Employed, J.D. said...

Fingers crossed!

Laurie said...

Wow. So glad he has a back up! Cochlear has a pretty quick turn around period and I've never been disappointed.

Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family!

Hugs! Laurie