Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If You're Thankful And You Know It

Had to post these videos from our Community Meeting at Christian's school yesterday. About 90% of Christian's school are typically hearing kids, and 10% are kids with hearing loss, many with Cochlear Implants. As I looked around the gym and saw all our CI kids sprinkled around the room, I couldn't help but tear up. They were singing, laughing, and dancing. My heart was so full of joy as I listened to one of the older boys in the school who uses a CI recite a poem with his class of hearing peers perfectly. I am so glad that Christian has been able to attend such a wonderful school.

*Be sure to disable the music on the right before playing
**You'll notice that there is an ASL interpreter during the assembly. While Christian's school is an oral program, there are several culturally Deaf families that attend the school who use ASL as their first language.


tammy said...

We sure are going to miss this amazing school and the wonderful families, like yours, that we've become so close with! Happy Thanksgiving Tina!

leah said...

Christian's school is awesome. I think I would have gone through an entire box of tissues at that assembly!