Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Start Making Your Christmas List!

Even though AJ's Momma beat me to the punch this year, I am still SO EXCITED TO SHARE TOYS R US' DIFFERENTLY-ABLED TOY GUIDE. Once again, the guide is broken down into categories so parents, grandparents and even SANTA can chose appropriate toys that reinforce and build skills for our little ones. For those of us with kids who are differently abled, we know that toys aren't just for playing with, but they are also important pieces in our therapy puzzle. Believe me, our playroom is stocked with toys that aren't just for "fun", but they also serve a very important purpose in his auditory rehab.

I remember stumbling upon this guide as we approached our first Christmas with Christian, and it has become one of my favorite resources to share with other D/HOH families. I just finished flipping through it, and there are several kids profiled with hearing aids, cochlear implants, and even a BAHA. I LOVE IT!

So, Toys R Us, I'm sending you a BIG HUG. And for all our family members and friends who are wondering about what to get Christian, this list should give you a head-start!

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