Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy New Year! I can't believe I'm looking at the calendar and it says 2010. The past 2.5 weeks have been a whirlwind in our family, and I am just now able to sit down and take a couple of minutes to just breathe. Looking back at 2009, suprisingly, I think I will always remember it as the year that I could just breathe.

2009 gave us our second child, our gorgeous daughter Lily Grace. Even with a newborn, I was more relaxed in 2009 than in years past. I truly enjoyed watching Christian learn to be a wonderful big brother, and how Lily grew to play with Christian. It really has been a joy seeing my babies grow to love one another so much. I've taken every quiet moment with Lily to breathe her in---something I never really had the opportunity to do with Christian, as we were dealing with so much when he was an infant.

2009 also gave us Christian's 1st Hearing Birthday, as we celebrated the year mark of his CI activation. His progress has been nothing short of amazing, and while he does take my breath away daily with his language skills, I actually can relax and not much :)

2010 has much in store for our family, and there are many unknowns. Maybe a new school in the fall for Christian? Hopefully a much needed vacation (couples only!)? Perhaps purchasing an upgraded Cochlear Implant? I have many hopes, dreams and worries, but am certain that 2010 will bring us more joy than we know what to do with.

*photos courtesy of Modern Photoglyphs Photography, taken in July 2009 by Harold Jankowiak

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