Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Things He Comes Up With

Before I forget, here are some of my most favorite "Christian-isms" from the past couple of weeks:

-Mommy, you're a real good cooker. (Me: You mean chef, buddy?) Yeah, that too.

-What do we have for me to eat? (Me: Are you hungry, Christian? Do you want a snack? How about some crackers). How about some popsicles?

-Santa is up in the North Pole making me a Spiderman. I have been good, I HAVE BEEN GOOD!

-Here Beaners (his nickname for Lily), you can play with my hammer. (Lily chews on it...) NEVER PUT TOOLS IN YOUR MOUTH, BEANERS! YOU'LL GET HURT!

-(Me: Christian, I really need you to listen to Mommy right now) Ok, I'll listen to you now...but not tonight.

-You LOVE wine Mommy.

-Look at those beautiful Christmas lights! Santa is going to LOVE those!

(Me: You get to wear PJs to school tomorrow for Spirit week...which ones do you want to wear?)-How about the snowmen pjs? Miss Walsh is going to LOVE them!