Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally Well

Both kids were horribly sick last week. It actually was the first time that both of them were sick at the exact same time, making my life pretty much a living hell. I've been able to handle one at a time, and maybe little overlaps, but this was just an all out disaster. Poor Lily came down with a nasty virus, that left her waking up every hour on the hour for 4 days straight. She couldn't breathe, was feverish, and also had a painful ear infection. And Christian, had the gross virus, that then developed into the rash. He was just all out cranky during the day.

It was so hard to see both my kids so "off". Lily Grace is really such an easy going baby, and honestly, she never cries. And Christian, who is usually bouncing off the walls, laughing and making us all giggle, was listless, cranky, and weepy. It was just awful. Thank goodness Chuck (a.k.a Super Dad) was able to adjust his work schedule by working from home, coming home early, and going in late to help me out. He always has us in the #1 spot on his priority list, and we are so lucky to have him.

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