Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Resolution

I hate New Years Resolutions. It's like giving things up for Lent...I always set myself up for failure, and then get all that Catholic Guilt on my shoulders for the entire Easter season. I usually end up gorging myself on chocolate in secret, then confess, and then feel guilty all over again. Ugh.

However, I decided I would try one last year to actually make a resolution and stick to it. I have New Years Wishes (always trying to eat a veggie with every meal, exercising at least 30 minutes everyday), and won't feel too bad if I fall of the wagon with those. My New Years Resolution for 2010 is to do my best in finding more patience in life. I find that I am constantly pushing my husband and my kids to do things faster and sooner. If it wasn't done yesterday, it's usually not good enough for me. I used to pride myself on running an efficient household, but in reality I was running a RUSHED household. Perhaps by stepping back and letting my 3 year old poke around sometimes really isn't the worst thing. And maybe giving my husband and extra day or so to do a chore will pay off as opposed to a day of nagging. The only area I won't be patient in is concerning Christian's progress with his CI...I think one of the main reasons he's doing SO well is because of his VERY impatient Mother who constantly pushes.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can finally keep this resolution. I sure hope I do.

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