Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Bunny Loves the Easter Bunny.


This morning I dressed both the kids in their Easter finest and headed to the mall for a scheduled appointment at the photo studio for their Easter pictures. We were there at 10am on the button, with stuffed bunnies, personalized Easter baskets, and million dollar smiles.

Well, the photo studio informed us that their Easter Bunny wasn't coming. Great. So, we headed down to the center court to see the Mall Easter Bunny and keep our fingers crossed for a good shot. We had to wait around for an hour, and I don't even need to explain how hard it is to "wait around" for a 3 year old and 14 month old. As much as I wanted to bum around Nordstrom's shoe department, I knew that wasn't in the cards with both of them in tow. So, we headed to Build-A-Bear where Christian proceeded to build "Alex" his Fireman Frog.

An hour later, we went back to the Mall Easter bunny. I thought it was in the bag as soon as Lily started laughing and clapping her hands at the 6 foot tall bunny. Christian, however, was not so happy. He hid behind me, and told me "That Bunny is TOOOOOO BIG Mommy! Bunny's aren't that big!". Then he started to cry. Then Lily started to cry. And it all fell apart.

So, there they were. Middle of mall, looking adorable in their Easter outfits, and TOTALLY freaking out. So, we salvaged the rest of the trip and headed up to eat lunch with friends. I guess the only good thing to come out of today was that we had a dry run in Lily's dress and I know what color bows she needs for her pigtails.

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leah said...

My kids won't get anywhere near that freakishly large bunny in the mall- Matt will shyly wave, but Nolan is pretty convinced that the Easter Bunny might eat children...

No Easter Bunny pics for us this year, either!

Maybe you could find a pet store and get a picture with an actual bunny, lol.