Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for More Musings

When I started this blog, I intended it to be a place for our friends and family to catch-up on our life as new parents with Christian. It morphed into a journal where we would chronicle our journey with Christian and his hearing loss. What was once a place where only close friends and family would gather, slowly turned into my greatest resource into the D/HOH and Cochlear Implant world. I met many other families, especially dozens of amazing Moms, who were great sounding boards, resources, and sources of comfort. These Moms became my friends. We call each other, keep up with our kids' progress, and continue to support one another on our journeys.

In addition to a gathering place for my Cochlear Implant families, I learned my little blog was being visited by families researching the implantation process. It was picked up by several other D/HOH bloggers, and my hits per week jumped from the hundreds to the thousands. I learned that my little online journal was actually a RESOURCE and reference point for other families and individuals coping with hearing loss. I was flattered, but a bit nervous. I put a bit of pressure on myself to ensure that the information on my site was informative and useful for families going through every stage of their journey from diagnosis to implantation. I made a conscious decision to change the focus of the blog from just random musings about our life to thoughtful and resourceful posts regarding raising a kid with hearing loss. I truly was worried that the random little tidbits and thoughts on our life would cloud the messages I was trying to convey. And I can honestly say that every post truly is written knowing that I could touch a family coping with their child's hearing loss.

So, fast forward a couple of years. We added a beautiful baby girl, Lily(who happens to be hearing), and Christian will be celebrating his 2nd Hearing Birthday in just 2 short months. While our lives are not completely consumed by therapy appointments and the stress of the early stages of diagnosis and implantation, we still have so much more going on that I often have the urge to write about, but don't. Well...that is now going to change.

While I can't promise that everything will be directly related to Christian's hearing loss,I can promise it will be focused on our family as a whole (which is ALWAYS focused on Christian's hearing loss). Now, don't worry. I promise that it won't become a site that talks all about baby puke and poop and the benefits of homemade baby food. I just hope that my readers welcome the posts that may be a bit "off-topic" and use them as a way to further understand our Cochlear Implant journey.


leah said...

I love it! You are an amazing mom- and your blog has surely helped many families.

We actually keep two blogs, one is the "medical/hearing" blog and the other is our regular family life blog. Not sure why I felt the need to separate the two... but I wanted a blog about our life and not just about the medical things.

I love reading about your goings-on, even if it does include baby poop (g).

tammy said...

You were one of the first moms I met and am oh so very thankful for! I feel like I've known you forever and love the connection we've made! Your writings have touched and helped so many! You are amazing!

I can't wait to read about sweet Lily too! We have so much going on I too thought about starting another blog, but just haven't found the time. I need to though, because what a better way to journal our families journey!