Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Warming up

The DC area is finally thawing out after one of the worst winters I can remember. I can't even begin to describe how happy I am that we can be back on the playground circuit with our friends and neighbors. I know Christian is happy about finally being able to play outside. He is my playground king, running around telling all his friends what they are going to play next. Sunday, he was playing jungle. On Monday afternoon, it was Pirates (complete with finding sticks to use a swords). And yesterday, he wrangled the big kids into riding bikes with him on our street.

We've been a bit out of practice with all the playground rules, so this past week has been a bit like Spring Training. We had to hold a refresher course on "What to do when your CI falls off on the playground", most notably reminding Christian to not THROW it down to his Mommy or other Mommies, but to rather bring it to his Mommy or another Mommy close. His buddies were reminded that if it does fall off that they need to be gentle with it. I even was off my game, and forgot my park bag the first day. The second day, I brought it, but failed to bring any supplies for Lily. By Day 3, I finally had everything I needed including extra wig-tape for Christian's processor and hearing aid, Boogie Wipes for my kids' disgusting noses, a sweater for Lily, a binkie for Lily, drinks for all 3 of us, enough Goldfish to feed 29 kids, 8 extra juice boxes, extra underwear for Christian, diapers and wipes for Lily, my Blackberry, hand sanitizer, and our water proof CI case.

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Jenn said...

yeah...i love having to pack a bag like we are going camping just to hit the playground! :) LOVING the weather this week!
ps.did you get a new camera?? your pictures are great!