Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Ears

We're still battling the effects of Lily Grace's double ear-infection. In addition to the typical fussy baby things that you get when ears are involved, I feel like a Mother to a newborn again. Baby Girl has been getting up these past 3 nights at 4am in the morning. Two nights ago, I was awoken by a rounding chorus of "Mama Baba, Mama Baba, Mama Baba". Last night, she cried while sleeping and then sat up and cried and cried. I'm exhausted and have missed the gym all but one day this week. Ugh!

We took Lily to the ENT yesterday and we're going to go back in one month to determine if tubes are the solution for her repeat ear infections. Interesting little tidbit of this visit was that she had her first ever audiological booth test and was testing at 20db. Her brother, who hears with a Cochlear Implant and Hearing Aid, tests at 15-20db. 

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leah said...

I hope her ear infections clear up and she feels better soon! Both of you need some sleep. It sounds like you have a good ENT keeping on top of things!