Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What We're Working on Tuesday-Irregular Past-Tense

As always, the /f/ sound is at the top of our list, and I'm PLEASED to report that Christian's pull-out SLP reported today that she was "Really proud of Christian as his /f/ is really coming along with prompts. She's seeing it in isolation and in syllables! Great job BUDDY!

We're working on irregular past tense verbs at home, and Christian's SLP also reported that they are working on it with him in his pull-out therapy. At home, we've continued to model appropriate usage of the irregular past-tense verb. This happens at least 2-3x a day:

"Mommy,  did you bringed my laundry upstairs for me?"
Modeled "Yes, Christian, I BROUGHT your laundry upstairs. Let's try that again. Say Did you BRING my laundry upstairs?"

"Lily drinked all of her juice, Mama! I'll go get her some more"
Modeled "Christian, I think Lily DRANK all her juice. I'll get her more, you sit tight and finish your breakfast".

I know, as do his teachers, that this is a really advanced language skill, but I think it is SO important for us to continue to model the correct words and introduce their usuage. Christian's pull-out SLP has been working on picture cards with him, and he's getting about a 30 percent accuracy rate on those right now. We're just going to keep at it!


MB said...

I love when our therapists if Marielle can do something (prepositional phrases, for example) and I have to admit I have no idea what they mean. Guess I snoozed through that part of English class where we learned the names of all the parts of speech.

leah said...

I can never remember the various terms for various parts of speech.

Good idea to keep forging ahead with the "next step" in his language development- he's a bright kid and you might as well get ahead of the game to give him a "running start" for kindergarten!