Monday, April 5, 2010

"But Mommy, WHERE IS JESUS?"

Ok. I love this one. 

After we sat down in our pew yesterday for Easter Mass, Christian turned to me, looked at me right in the eyes and said "But Mommy, WHERE IS JESUS?".

My heart melted and I couldn't help but laugh. I had to stop and think, and I ended up telling him that Jesus was all around us, he watched us from heaven, and he was in our heart. He looked REALLY confused. I think I was too. I mean, after being raised and schooled in the Catholic Church, I still can't really explain the Holy Spirit. 

Religion in general is really tricky to explain to preschoolers. I've tried to explain to Christian that Jesus is a very special friend to him, that he lives in heaven, and he will always take care of us. That part, Christian gets. My curious boy though expects to see Jesus in the flesh. He asked me the other day if Jesus could come over and play with his Batcave. 

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leah said...

Oh, how sweet! I find it hard to explain the more "difficult" parts of Christianity to Matthew, too- preschoolers live in a very concrete world!