Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Insanity and The soft /th/ sound

I'm just going to throw it out there and say that of all the days of the week, Tuesdays are usually the craziest in our family. Our schedule gets thrown a bit since Christian stays after school for speech therapy with one of our amazing SLPs on staff. What ends up happening is that Lily Grace falls asleep in the car right at 12:45pm for about 10 minutes, and promptly wakes up when I stop.  We go inside of school, get Christian (who is usually CRAZY tired at this point too), go to the car, where I then proceed to blast Radio Disney in an effort to keep them both awake. If by a miracle Christian stays awake, I then try to get him to nap. Which he usually doesn't. And Lily gets so tired that she starts to get goofy. And by 2pm, the afternoon just implodes and we end up hanging out in the playroom while I attempt to work/do laundry/stay sane. 


While I usually spend the 5 minutes during my yoga class on Tuesday mornings that are meant for quiet meditation worrying about Tuesday afternoon insanity, I found myself actually relaxing for a change. Weird. I picked up Lily out of the gym daycare and headed to school, to find Christian with a lollipop (ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN OF GOOD LISTENING!), and our fabulous SLP with a handful of homework assignments. She told me that they have really been working on the soft initial /th/ sound, and he did a fantastic job today working hard and listening to her. We have some exercises to do to work on this sound thanks to Mrs. H who always gives me piles and piles of homework. Hooray for me, the wannabe SLP! 
Other than the word "the", I rarely hear Christian produce this sound correctly. He often substitutes it with the /f/ or /d/ sound. I'm not TOO worried about this sound, since both the vocalized and unvocalized versions of /th/ usually don't come until WAAAY later on, closer to age 7. However, I'm so glad that we're bringing attention to it right now. 

This afternoon isn't as crazy as most Tuesdays. Christian went down for a good nap, and at 10 minutes to 4:00pm, he is still sleeping. Lily, however, was running back and forth in her crib, giggling and then crying for about 40 minutes. My little sidekick is now drawing in her high-chair as I write this. 


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leah said...

I'm having one of those days over here- just busy, busy, busy with NO NAPS! Ugh.

We just started working on /th/ with Matt (not too worried on this end, either, but might as well start working on it). He's actually starting to get it (he's 4 1/2)! I was excited to hear it come out correctly.. now our biggest problem is /r/.

Hopefully you'll have some easier days ahead.. our naptime routine is totally messed up with preschool and speech- ugh.