Friday, April 9, 2010


As a Mom, I think the most important job that I have is to anticipate my children's needs. It started when they were just newborns, when I would write down their feeding times in an attempt to understand their nursing schedules. When they would teethe and cut new molars, I would prepare myself with Orajel. When we head to the playground, I pack a bag full of supplies, including band-aids, juice boxes, dryer sheets (for those staticky slides), and sunscreen. It's my job as Christian and Lily's Mom to know exactly what they'll need and to give it them.

Christian is such a bright and talented little boy. I know every parent thinks their child is special. But my Christian...he IS SPECIAL. He has a twinkle, a curiosity, and such resilience. He is courageous. He has defied the odds and really amazes us everyday. So what he is *supposed* to fit into as an oral/deaf child, he often doesn't. At least, right now.

So what do you do when you have no crystal ball? What do you do when you really can't anticipate your child's needs? I know I'm supposed to just roll with the punches, but I just can't. Every moment of every day for Christian is important for his listening and speaking skills. Every moment matters.

It's all about foundation right now for Christian. These first years after implantation are critical. We're well on our way to achieving our family goal of Christian heading to either our parish Kindergarten or our home public school kindergarten. But, we still have work to do over these next two years that he'll be in preschool.

It's my job to know just what he'll need to succeed. And right now, I am struggling.

I'm praying for guidance. I'm praying for clarity. And I'm praying that whatever I chose for my amazing little boy, will be the right choice.

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leah said...

Tina, I will pray for wisdom in making decisions for Christian. If only we could all look into the future to know for certain that our choices were the right ones! You have good instincts, and I'm sure you'll make a good choice for your little one.