Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What We're Working on Tuesday: Self-Advocacy

Christian has been a rock-star when it comes to replacing his magnet when it falls out of contact, and he will bring us his implant when it falls off. He is fantastic reporting problems with his CI, although battery drain in regards to his hearing aid is another story. Long and the short of it, he's doing such a good job making sure he is constantly amplified.

We're currently working on the way Christian reports what he can and cannot hear while in conversation. While he is very consistent, the method of which he reports needs work. We're helping him find other ways to let us know rather than just saying "What?" and "What did you say?". Preferred requests include "Say it again, please" or "I didn't hear that". I know this sounds REALLY nit-picky, but this also ties into ensuring we give Christian the opportunity to thrive in all social situations. We want him to tell his peers at school to "Say it again" or telling them "I didn't hear what you just said".

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leah said...

Tina, I love those suggestions for dealing with missed information. People will often just ignore a "what?" (I've seen that often enough in conversation- the response is usually, "Oh, nothing. Forget about it").

"Say it again, please" and "I didn't hear what you said" are much better phrases- thanks for sharing that tip!